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Vic & Anthony's features an elegant, yet intimate atmosphere, created with an undeniable attention to detail. Our award-winning menu features only the finest prime beef, fresh seafood and more, as well as an extensive wine collection. National restaurateur, chairman, president and CEO of Landry’s, Inc., Tilman Fertitta, along with his father Vic, traveled across the country, experiencing the best steakhouses throughout North America. During their travels, they carefully researched and developed a list of attributes that make steakhouses truly great - a carefully crafted menu, an extensive wine selection, impeccable service and an elegant, yet cozy atmosphere. Those who know them, will know that they had an awful lot of fun along the way. With incredible vision and an undeniable eye for detail, they have created the most spectacular dining environment you'll find anywhere. Vic & Anthony's - a world-class steakhouse. While we're excited to hear from you, it's important to note that fan postings to the Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse fan page are not representative of the opinions of Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse or Landry's, Inc., nor do we confirm their accuracy. As part of our commitment to you, the fans, we'll do our best to ensure the postings on our fan page are in line with the Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse philosophies. However, since we unfortunately can't monitor every posting or conversation, Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse expects that users will not post content that falls into the following categories and reserves the right to remove postings and fans that are: • abusive, defamatory, or obscene • fraudulent, deceptive or misleading • in violation of any intellectual property right of another • in violation of any law or regulation • otherwise offensive • promotional or marketing content not related to Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse For existing fans: if you do not wish to be a fan of the Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse page, please feel free to "unfan" our page by clicking the link "Remove me from Fans.”

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129 E, Freemont
Phone Number
+1 702-386-8399
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