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The World’s First “Out and Proud LGBT Brewery" is located next door to the iconic Hillcrest Pride Flag. The fourth in line of the World Famous Hillcrest landmark restaurant group, Mo’s Universe, HBC features handcrafted beer and stone fired pizzas with bottles, growlers & kegs to-go. Our brews and pizza pies have captured the essence of San Diego’s most colorful and vibrant neighborhood, serving salads, chicken wings and pies that are perfectly orchestrated; with a focus from the water and flour to create its crust, to the fresh Italian roma tomatoes, fresh toppings and cheeses. Pouring only grains and grapes, our hunky brewsters can direct your taste buds to any one of HBC’s own nine micro-brews, or 16 all local guest taps whose own breweries have each defined the taste of their neighborhoods. Hillcrest Brewing Company has reclaimed the essence of a neighborhood gathering place with "Hoppy Hour", 7 days a week from 4-6pm, featuring $2 draught beer, flights, growlers & wine along with $2 pizza by the slice. It’s welcoming atmosphere designed to engage and stimulate interaction between guests and our brew master with a hands-on operation to maximize consistency, taste and amazingly well balanced microbrews. Open noon on weekends, 4pm weekdays, our restaurant closes at 11pm nightly, with our tap house closing at midnight. Follow us on Twitter @QueensOfBeer or visit Mo's Universe- our Family of Restaurants at HILLCREST BREWING COMPANY BEERS: Perle Necklace: Pale Ale 6% ALC This pale ale boast an impressive load of Perle hops and will soothe even the strongest gag reflex. Every savory sip will burst in your mouth with flavor and every drop will leave your wanting for more. Be sure to hold your bottle gently and avoid rough, fast handling... that is, unless, you're into having it sprayed in your face. Crotch Rocket: Irish Red 6% ALC If you've decided you need a break from blonds and brunettes, this hearty red ale won't disappoint, CROTCH ROCKET'S unique, savory taste will tantalize your taste buds as it's flavorful body explodes in your mouth. Consider each indulgence as being one small sip for man; one giant step toward your happy place. Lucy: American Ale 5% ALC Don't be deceived by the robust, brown color of this signature American ale. Lucy boasts a modest 5%ALC, which means her bark doesn't quite match her bit. Why is this awesome? You can spend the night enjoying our bottles raccoon and not have to worry about looking like one when you wake up. Lucy is named after our Brew Master's pet raccoon, who picked the recipe for this brew. Brain Lubricant 8.5 ABV A rich strong ale that does not fall short of its name. This beer will indeed lubricate your brain! A bold grain profile that offers hints of caramel, yet delivers a long hop finish. Besides you can never have too much lube… Banana Hammock 9% ALC This tantalizing Scotch ale is as delicious in your mouth as it is in your hand. So alluring, in fact, you may find yourself slowly peeling away the label in a subconscious effort to be closer to succulent. 9% ALC. liquid. Mmmm... Tasty. Long and Stout 11% ABV Don’t be afraid of the dark! A heavyImperial Russian Stout that dares you notto sip. This beer is rich, lightly hopped withjust a hint of chocolate, you’ll stay warmthrough the coldest Russian winter. 11% ABV Beer Head Blonde 4.5% ABV: Light, crisp, clean. Subtle grain profileallows for a light mouth feel, with justa hint of Kent Goldings hops for a smoothbalance. U-Hawl Hefe 5% ABV A classic german style wheat beer with ourunique ìfruityî twist. Light and crisp, yetplayful with notes of citrus. This unfilteredbeer is perfect for any time of the year. Hoppy Endings 7.2 ABV Pale, clean, and crisp in character. At 7.2%ABV, it has more hops than a rabbit!This one is not for the timid.. Columbus andSummit hops round out this assertiveIndia Pale Ale. BEER ME! For all media and press inquiries or to schedule a tour, please contact Eddie Reynoso, Marketing & Public Relations Director, Mo’s Universe: 619.491.0400 Office or 619.818.8897 Cell/Text or via email at

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1458 University Ave
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